Born in Teheran, MSc genetics, Behi DJANATI ATAÏ chose to dedicate her life to performing arts. She has played in numerous theatre creations  in France and abroad as well as in movies. The latest movie in which she had the feminine lead role, For a moment, Freedom, obtained more than 30 prices, among which the golden Zenith at the international film festival of Montreal and was preselected for 2010  Oscars in the category of the best foreign film.

Founder of the company La Lampe,  she has signed several creations as author and director, of which Hedâyat (published in the Filligranes publishing), Women Voice, and Inheritance.

Her work proposes a reflection ceaselessly renewed on the themes of exile, roots, double culture and the woman’s place in the contemporary societies.

She is an associated artist to the House of Gesture and Image in Paris, while she continues to teach dramatic arts.